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 How to do the glitch ?

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PostSubject: How to do the glitch ?   Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:07 pm

Okay guys just to let you know how to do it since i have had requests and i cannot be bothered to do it anymore xD.

I will do the hack but it may take time, if you feel you can do it the try but if not i will do it for you but dont keep reminding me !

First of all your going to want to find yourself a usb stick so you can place the files on.

Second your going to want to go to this link ?mnbujdm5djz this is a link to the files you will need, click on a down load. *** you will need 7zip to open the file***

Third you are going to need patch blocker also .... : ?nyic2wyinew

Fourth log onto your ps3 and run mw2, once in game you will need to create two new offline accounts. One called error1 and one called P1.

Fith Quit out of mw2 and plug your usb stick in. Copy the two new accounts you have made error1 and P1 onto your usb stick.

Sixth plug the usb stick into your computer and open it up, look for PS3 and find the two accounts you have made error1 and P1.

Seventh find the pristege you want ( the file you downloaded earlier) and open it up, go to Ps3>> SAVE DATA>> ERROR, transfer the mpdata file from the ERROR folder to YOUR Error1 file, do the same for the pristege folder.

.... okay now you have new files on your usb stick with the hack on them you are going to want to plug it back into your ps3 and copy the files Error1 and P1 back onto your ps3 and start up mw2. once on mw2 you need to go into splitscreen and load error1 and P1, once you have loaded P1 start an offline game on it and end the game when it starts.
Now quit out of mw2 and go to Network settings on your ps3 and go on custom and keep clicking next till you get to proxy server.... ON your computer you need to open patch blocker and press start, once you started it look at the number 192.168 .... and put that in on your ps3 under proxy server.

now go to your game folder where the mw2 update is kept and delete it. now start up mw2 and load your online account, back out and go into splitscreen and load Error1 ... you will get an error but that is fine. go back into split screen and play on error1 and go into barracks and pristege. you will get an error, go back into split screen and change from error into P1 once P1 is loaded back out and go online you should be the desired pristege Very Happy, if so quit the game and go back into network settings and change your settings to normal NON PROXY.** when you load the game next it will instal the lastest patch 1.11 ** this is normal.


If you have any problems or you would like me to do it for you please mail me at or contact me via this thread.

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How to do the glitch ?
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